We like people who are like us - think like us, act like us, dress like us.

If the external matches, then the internal must be sound as well. 

This becomes an issue when our external assurances become the crutch for our validation.

The best leaders are a byproduct of who they surround themselves with. Their counsel consists of others with varying levels of accomplishments and skill. Abraham Lincoln beat out many of his candidates for the presidency and eventually brought them into his cabinet. 

Bringing in unfamiliarity inevitably upsets the status quo. It creates tension, but tension isn’t always a bad thing. Muscles need tension to grow.

If the values are in alignment, the Why and How, the What can be completely different.

I interviewed Curtis Sparer recently, Principal of Bospar PR. His advice in scaling his firm, “Find what you don’t have.” 

Wesley FangComment