2018 Annual Goals


  • Workout at least 3x/week (88/156) – A
  • Yoga twice per month (12/24) – A
  • Sleep 6.5 hrs every weekday (119/250) – B
  • Journal (150/312) – B+

**Broke 200lb a couple weeks ago. Now I’m sitting comfortably at 195lb. I’ve been wanting to get a trainer to help me with getting the last 10% out of my workouts. Creating my own workout plans have been helpful. 

Been doing more yoga, which has helped with sleeping and relaxation. Shoulder flexibility still has a long ways to go. Need to be more diligent about carving out time to journal. I also want to get back to being disciplined with my morning routine and going to bed earlier.**

Personal Relationships

  • Meet up with Lucas one-on-one once per month (6/12) – A
  • Eat dinner with parents once/every other week (21/26) – A

**Good. Not much to improve here. My relationship with my parents is really really good right now. I want to teach Lucas how to start an e-commerce business. Perhaps when he gets back from the summer.**

Spiritual Walk

  • Quiet time in Word at least 5x/week (125/260) – B+
  • Meet with MC 2x/mo (13/24) – A
  • Meet with LTG 1x/mo  (8/12) – A
  • Fast once per month (6/12) – A

**Need to find a new MC. Going to be hard bc it’s the summer months. Maybe reach out to a few folks for accountability?**


  • Host a dinner once per quarter with at least 2 other people (2/4) – A

**Still on track. I should invite my next door neighbors over for a grill out. I’ll be traveling most of the summer but sometime in September could work.**


  • Conduct a silent, no technology, wilderness retreat once per quarter (2/4) – A
  • Travel once per quarter outside of Texas (3/4) – A
  • Travel outside of US once/year (1/1) – A
  • Go without phone until 8am every weekday (94/260) – C

**I’m doing better not sleeping with my phone next to my bed. I still have issues with reading the bible on my phone and getting distracted by Instagram. I should switch back over to the physical bible so I’m not reliant on technology.**

Business & Financial

  • Blog once/week (24/52) – B+
  • Write 300 words every day (110/260) – B
  • Interview 50 entrepreneurs (20/50) – B-
  • Reach out to 120 entrepreneurs (30/120) – F
  • Have 40 Discovery Calls (10/40) – C(?) **I’ve done a poor job of tracking this. 10 is a “gut” number**

**Bringing and ramping up my new intern will allow me to hit these numbers. I need to get the training videos created to equip him to be able to succeed at this. I’ve begun tracking conversion metrics on SF for Zilker and outreach. I’m also learning how to hone my follow up “pitch” to help guests I’m interviewing.

Now that I have a steadier understanding of my businesses, I can begin more accurately tracking conversion rates and work backwards for steadier income projections **

Professional Development

  • Read 24+ books each year (12/24) – A
  • Read 4 memoirs (1/4)
  • Read 4 fiction books (4/4)
  • Read 6 faith books (2/6)
  • 100 days of Spanish lessons (101/100) < done
  • Take a glass blowing class (0/1) – F (studio hasn’t opened yet)
  • Learn how to drive stick shift (0/1) driveway Austin – F
  • Play keys at a concert (1/1) – A
  • Learn magic tricks(?)

**Lots of learning. Writing has also been good for me. Podcast interviews have taught me a lot. All these interviews have helped me construct the backbone of my message for my book to be written in 2019.

I had a certain urge to learn how to do a handful of sleight of hand magic tricks. Turns out they don’t really have “magic camp” for adults. 🙁

I’ll probably spend a weekend or so learning 3-4 tricks for entertainment purposes.**

Q2 Summary

Overall, it’s been easy in my day to day to think I’ve been struggling and missing the mark, but visualizing my goals has helped me realize I’m right on track with where I should be. There are a few areas that have slipped, but nothing too drastic (outside of not using my phone in the morning). 

The greatest shake up this year has been leaving my job with ForbesBooks and acclimating myself to the role of an entrepreneur. I’ve developed quite a few opportunities but they are all at infant stage and this has me always doing a double-take on my finances. I’m grateful I have plenty of foundational pieces that have now been cemented and I’ve done quite a bit to cut back on expenses, it now boils down to me sticking to the plan to continue to see things grow. I’ve given up short-term reward for long-term gain and that’s hard for me to digest at some points. As long as I stick to the plan I know it will all work out. 

Q3 commence…