I used to have a boss who loved the saying, “When you’re #2, the view never changes.” Essentially, if you’re in second place, you’re always staring at someone’s rear-end. 

Unfortunately, I like being the underdog. The underdog by definition is #2 or greater. 

The underdog has to work harder because he’s underestimated, unproven.

When you’re #1, it’s easy to get complacent, to lose focus, to slip up. And unless you’re crystal clear on where you’re headed, the #1 can often wander around aimlessly. 

Underdogs don’t have that luxury. They have to be hungry, meticulous, diligent. Because underdogs don’t lead the pack, there’s little glory in the day-to-day.

However, the greatest motivation of an underdog is in knowing that if #1 slips up, the underdog’s going to run you over.