I watched a video with Paul McCartney and James Corden this week: 

It’s hard not to smile while watching and listening to the iconic songs and the artist that have changed a generation of music. 

It’s interesting to think about a legacy.

Paul is one of the last Beatles remaining and in the later years of life at 76 years of age. In the video, James takes Paul down memory lane, visiting the barbershop at Penny Lane and going back home to the place him and John Lennon would write songs and sing for his dad. I wonder if they truly knew the legacy they were building when they were clustered together in their Liverpool home writing the lyrics to Love Me Do. I wonder if there was ever the sense of urgency to be further along than they actually were, a sense of failure at the end of the day for not having “done enough”- feelings that plague most entrepreneurs.

It’s hard to appreciate things in the moment, and it’s only from a macro perspective that you truly realize the gravity of your work. So much of life is uncertain, a mystery, and the hunger for clarity fuels the voyage into the abyss.

I don’t know if clarity around one’s legacy can ever be seen in the moment, but in the famous words of Paul McCartney:

Yeah there will be an answer
Let it be.