On this week’s EnTRUEpreneurship podcast, we welcome Brendon Schrader, Founder and CEO of marketing and consulting firm Antenna. After stints in the corporate world (including 3M and the NBA) Schrader grew his company from a one-man operation to an Inc. 5,000-listed firm with over $10 million in revenue and a pool of talented experts at-the-ready to handle clients’ marketing and leadership needs.

Brendon, a former Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year finalist, shares what it’s like to scale a company while starting a family, what it takes to leave a comfortable corporate career and the future of the gig economy.


The EnTRUEpreneurship Takeaway:

“Continue to do good work for clients. The reputation for your work and the brand you’re building will work itself out.”


Key Topics Discussed:

3:45: Brendon talks about his early days working in the corporate world and the recurring challenge he faced that inspired him to create Antenna.

8:42: Brendon describes the point at which he decided to make the leap to transform what was a “back of the envelope business plan” into a real company.

12:27: Brendon talks about the early days of Antenna, when it was a one-man operation, and how the company grew to develop its niche and differentiate itself

19:55: Has it always been rainbows and butterflies? Hardly. Brendon describes his fear of scaling and other challenges he’s faced along the way.  

27:10 Brendon discusses his new content platform Independently and how it can be used to support entrepreneurs. He also shares his thoughts on the future of work and gig economy.  

36:05 Brendon shares the one piece of advice that he would give himself when beginning.


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Twitter: @BrendonSchrader