2018 Annual Goals


  • Workout at least 3x/week (132/156) – A

    • Yoga twice per month (16/24) – B+

  • Sleep 6.5 hrs every weekday (189/250) – A

  • Journal 5x/week (225/312) – A-

**Overall, I feel good about fitness and health. I’ll make up the yoga sessions in Q4. I’ve been out of town too much in Q3 to be consistent. Q4 travel should lessen up which will be good. My body’s tight from all the sitting on flights. Journaling can likely be made up in Q4 as well.


Personal Relationships

  • Meet up with Lucas one-on-one once per month (10/12) – A

  • Eat dinner with parents once/every other week (33/26) – A+

**Crushing it here. Highlights include taking Lucas garage sale hopping and teaching him the art of the flip.


Spiritual Walk

  • Quiet time in Word at least 5x/week (180/260) – A-

  • Meet with MC 2x/mo (18/24) – A

  • Meet with LTG 1x/mo  (10/12) – A

  • Fast once per month (9/12) – A

**Mostly on track here. Could do better at quiet times but I’m not too far off. This can be fixed by getting more disciplined with my mornings.



  • Host a dinner once per quarter with at least 2 other people (2/4) – C

**Not worried about this. I have two dinner events scheduled in Q4 that should help me reach this goal in the next few weeks. Refer to decreasing phone usage below.



  • Conduct a silent, no technology, wilderness retreat once per quarter (2/4) – C

  • Travel once per quarter outside of Texas (8/4) – A+

    • Atlanta

    • Mexico City (int’l)

    • Grand Junction

    • San Francisco

    • Denver

    • Telluride

    • Minneapolis

    • Las Vegas to Salt Lake City (Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon, Lake Powell)

  • Travel outside of US once/year (1/1) – A

  • Go without phone until 8am every weekday (146/260) – C

**Now that the weather is finally cooling down in Texas, it’ll be nice to camp and do a technology disconnect. My most recent trip to Zion and Bryce Canyon National Park has me wanting to travel all 52 national parks in the US. It may be worth combining one of these travels with a no-technology weekend.

My one weakness continues to be phone usage. Apple just rolled out a phone usage tracker in their iOS 12 update. I also downloaded a tracker app, Moment, per recommendation from friend and Mentor Cole Harmonson. If you’re beginning to notice the negative implications of a cell phone on your life, perhaps it’s time to take a phone phast. In the past week since downloading the tracker, I’ve reduced my phone usage from ~3hrs a day to <1hr. It’s incredible what taking notice of these things will do. Not only do I feel a huge weight lifted off my shoulders, I’m able to be more creative, present, and engaged with others. Doing so will also help me improve my mornings, which have a ripple effect on time in the Word, writing, working out, etc.


Business & Financial

  • Blog once/week (39/52) – A

  • Write 300 words every day (158/260) – B-

  • Release 32 episodes entrepreneurs (20/32)  – B+

  • Reach out to 120 entrepreneurs (210/120) – A+

  • Have 40 Discovery Calls (12/40) 

    • Q2 (2/10)

    • Close 2 FB deals

**Writing each day is a bit off track. I likely won’t be able to make this up over the next couple months, yet when I set this goal, this metric was considered a leading indicator. I was more interested in making sure writing every day would result in a blog post once a week (lagging indicator). I’m still on track with blogging once/week so I can ease up on myself for this one.

Since my Q2 update, I brought on an assistant who helped me with outreach to entrepreneurs. Clearly he knocked it out of the park and completed the task in a much more efficient manner. As they say, eliminate, delegate, automate. This one was revealing to me how important setting up systems and processes can be.


Professional Development

  • Read 24+ books each year (21/24) – A+

    • Read 4 memoirs (4/4)

    • Read 4 fiction books (3/4)

    • Read 6 faith books (6/6)

  • 100 days of Spanish lessons (101/100) < done – A+

  • Take a glass blowing class (1/1) – A

  • Learn how to drive stick shift (0.5/1) – B

  • Play keys at a concert (1/1) – A

  • Take discovery pilot class (0/1) – F

  • Learn 3 new magic tricks (1/3) – C

**Mostly on track here. I took my first course on driving stick this past quarter per my friend Ryan Chan of Red Eye Garage. We got pulled over by the police (long story for another day…) so that put a damper on things, hence the 0.5 score. I’ll likely get some more practice in Q4 before I feel comfortable about fully crossing this off the list.

I have my first discovery pilot class scheduled for November so that will be accomplished in the next quarter. I’m excited by this. Depending on how the session goes, I may begin the process of getting my pilot’s license in 2019. 

Magic tricks are still a work in progress.


Q3 Summary

I’m pretty satisfied with where I’m at. I think a lot of areas where I continue to fall short have more to do with being efficient with time and cutting out things that don’t matter (like limiting phone usage). Getting more disciplined in my mornings gives me greater flexibility to sequence writing, reading, and yoga all together. I’m beginning to think more about what I’d change on this list for 2019, but it’s something I’ll do more reflecting on come November to December.