To Hit or Not To Hit?

When playing blackjack, your goal is to get as close to 21 without going over. Sometimes you get dealt two face cards. You have a decision to make: do you stick with the cards in your hand or do you take a hit — an extra card — and risk going for an Ace, possibly busting. Most would advise you to stick with 20 because your odds of beating the dealer with your current hand outweigh the slim chance of you getting that final Ace.

You Win Some. You Lose Some.

Perfectionism is the same way. If you’re holding out, waiting for that one slim chance of a slight incremental win, you play the odds of losing much more.

Even if you only win 51% of the time, if you play it out long enough, you still come out on top. Casinos keep their lights on because they play the long game. They may lose a hand here and there, but the odds are on their side. 

The same goes for life. If the odds are stacked in your favor, use that to your advantage. You may lose some in the short-term, but your long-term win is guaranteed.

Foresight is 80/20.

Lately, I’ve been practicing the 80% rule. Meaning if I’m working on a project and it’s 80% completed, it gets pushed out. I can continue to refine things as they progress, but if I’m holding out on that remaining 20%, I know the project won’t ever get accomplished.

How much of your time, energy, and resources are you sacrificing for that one last final inch of progress? 

Are you holding out for that Ace? 

And is the bet really worth the hand?